Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges


# Name Designation
1 Mrs. Kanti Singh Chairman
2 Shri. Surya Kumar Deputy Chairman
3 Dr. S. P. Singh General Secretary
4 Shri. Amitabh Chakraboty Vice Minister
5 Ms. Neha Singh Treasurer
6 Mrs. Ruchi Shukla Member
7 Mrs. Asha Verma Member
8 Mr. Harshit Singh Member
9 Mr. Prabhod Kumar Member
10 Ms. Garima Singh Member (General Assembly)
11 Mr. Triloki Nath Member (General Assembly)
12 Mr. Sushil Kumar Member (General Assembly)
13 Mr. Shikhar Pal Member (General Assembly)
14 Dr. Anirudh Verma Member (General Assembly)

Shraddha Mishra

Carving a label of an eminent school, Lucknow Public School is the best Institute of a kind. A little child of 3+ when comes here to perceive knowledge, get bests of his childhood with a secured future. I am proud that I was a part of this School since childhood, i love this school and everything it has to offer. It is the diverse platform that aims to provide an environment which motivates a child to become self-reliant and confident.



Lucknow Public School focusses on quality education. To provide best education by best means has always been the motive of the institution. Even when the world is fighting with corona crisis institution has continuously provided online classes, so the students do not suffer. LPS focusses on overall personality development of students, so the students become responsible citizens of India.