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LPS not only e is an educational institution it's a nurturing home providing holistic well being of a child. LPS apart from academic development provides all round development of child. The Motto itself speaks “Excellence for all, Excellence from all”. LPS is a second home of a child.

Our Objectives

Lucknow Public school Anand Nagar is committed to providing holistic education in a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. We at LPS, believe that education has a higher purpose of enabling children for a focused and meaningful living that comes with an understanding of the self and the world around.

LPS – Values

At LPS, we consider it vital to instill in students a strong set of core values. This in turn will help shape their lives and the world around them. Universal values and ethical codes of conduct are taught, to enable them to build their future and benefit society. We instill…
Values of honesty, compassion, tolerance and respect for others. Development of democratic and secular values. Respect for our country's rich and varied heritage and a sense of national pride. Learning to contribute to humanity through cooperative efforts.

History of Lps Branch

The man who envisioned this abode of learning - Dr SP Singh Sir - is an educationist with a huge vision and bigger dreams. In the nineteen eighties, Jail Road in Anand Nagar area of Lucknow, was considered as a place where common people resided. To travel back in time to 1980s, the visionary learner cum academician, SP Sir, devised a plan to build an educational institution after reading pulse of the public and chose the Anand Nagar area. Originally a seasoned science teacher (Botany), he made a congenial group of few teachers in order to realise his dream. He envisaged an exclusive school that could cater to the needs of the region. Guardians seeking quality education had limited options back then, Dr SP Singh took the initiative to widen the canvas of quality education, experimenting with novelties. He was in quest of probabilities, opportunities, options and rapid expansion of quality education. The locality of Anand Nagar was inhabited by all sorts of people employed in various sectors. The adjoining railway colony was a district vicinity looking for a standard institution. The populace needed an abode of learning that could groom children according to the need of time.Dr Singh was very clear in his vision and his friends came together to propel his dream, making his vision their mission. Thus was born the LPS saga, which is memorable and encouraging journey for all those associated with this institution. Dr SP Singh laid the foundation of Lucknow Public School in a rented house and started running classes from Prep to Class VIII in 1987. The strength reached up to 500 and by 1087, nearly 1500 students were already enrolled. Residential Scholarships were offered to children whose parents belonged to low income group and could not afford education on their own. The team that Mr Singh steered was a wise team of firm resolution, dedication, integrity and unbiased coordination. Hence the abstract became the concrete. Singh's thoughts started grooming the desirable shape of Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges, fulfilling the adequate demand for education, touching sensitive pulse and palpitation of times... a domain of learning and rendezvous of scholarly minds was already underway.

The Best Institution For Education of your child.

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Shraddha Mishra

Carving a label of an eminent school, Lucknow Public School is the best Institute of a kind. A little child of 3+ when comes here to perceive knowledge, get bests of his childhood with a secured future. I am proud that I was a part of this School since childhood, i love this school and everything it has to offer. It is the diverse platform that aims to provide an environment which motivates a child to become self-reliant and confident.



Lucknow Public School focusses on quality education. To provide best education by best means has always been the motive of the institution. Even when the world is fighting with corona crisis institution has continuously provided online classes, so the students do not suffer. LPS focusses on overall personality development of students, so the students become responsible citizens of India.